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Telecommunicator Corner   

Nominate a Call Taker for NENA's "TC Spotlight" Feature

Did you know that NENA has a great way to recognize telecommunicators who have gone above and beyond? It's called the TC Spotlight! If you know of a TC that has done an exceptional job while handling a call, is devoted to his or her career, is a mentor to others, a great cheerleader for your agency, or jus plain rocks, then NENA would like to help celebrate them! Share their awesomeness with the rest of the world by sending an email to and let NENA know the nominees name, years of service, current agency and position, and why he or she is being nominated.

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Know someone who deserves recognition for

their hard work and dedication to public safety?

Technology Person of the Quarter - Nominate the ninja who does their best to keep the wheels greased, the structure sound, and the codes enforced. The GIS coordinator, mapping and addressing team, 9-1-1 coordinator, AT&T tech, or network tech. They don't have to be a NENA member, work a set number of hours, or have advanced training. They just need to show ingenuity and a passion for helping to make 9-1-1 better.

Emergency Telecommunicator of the Quarter- Nominate a call-taker, dispatcher, supervisor, coordinator, assistant, manager, or director. No need for them to be an APCO member, work a certain number of hours or have advanced training. They should bring out the best in those around them, be innovative, lead others, and contribute to the sustainability of 9-1-1.

Updates and New Information

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Call for papers will be accepted until July 27th and award nominations will be accepted until June 30th !!!! Get yours submitted today! .


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