2nd Vice-President: 

Northwest Region Candidates:

Southeast Region Candidates: 

 - - - Stacey Pulley - - -

​So, The Sheriff hired a Dispatcher!

Stacey Pulley is no newcomer to 911! She began her communications career at the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office in Tishomingo, Oklahoma which is quite outstanding due to being a native California girl. “I wasn’t born in Oklahoma, but I got here just as fast as I could” she said.  Beginning as a Dispatcher in Law Enforcement was very new to this once Real Estate and business owner from the west coast.  The family of Law Enforcement here in Oklahoma welcomed her and fostered a spark in her heart. This is where it all began!

Stacey Pulley quickly learned her trade and was excited for others to learn and be welcomed as well, so she became a Certified training Officer along with moving up the management ladder in Law Enforcement Communications.  She has worked and trained as a 911 Operator and Law enforcement Police, Ambulance, and fire Telecommunication Officer for over 17 years.  Being in the “hot seat” as they call it, showed her that being in the rural part of Oklahoma this “911” thing is still in its baby stages, and with a little care and nurturing we can all grow together to enhance the lives of our community.  Now you can say Stacey Pulley is coming around the bend, full circle as she is now commonly referred to as the “NEW E 911 COORDINATOR” (she has some big shoes to fill) in Johnston County. She is now learning how VERY IMPORTANT the equipment, mapping, and the inner workings of the 911 system truly IS!!

Always striving to continue her education and training Stacey Pulley holds several certificates in the 911 GIS and Dispatching fields, utilizing the continuing education that is provided by both APCO and NENA.  She is proud to be more informed and responsible with her knowledge of 911 services. Stacey Pulley is also very proud to have completed the class offerings of the NENA CMCP certificate training and be part of the NENA Graduates of class #CMCP109.  Stacey is always excited to participate in all facets of the Universal Emergency Number system of Oklahoma and is looking forward to the future and the thrilling deployment of NG911!

Stacey has humbly held the position of South East Vice President/Representative for both APCO and NENA Oklahoma Chapter of Associations with great honor in past years and hopes to continue her involvement.

Fun Fact!! In early 1970 AT&T began the development of a sophisticated feature for the 9-1-1 with a pilot program in Alameda County, California (not far from her home town) this feature was called “selective call routing” This pilot program supported the theory behind the Executive office of the Telecommunications Policies.

 - - - Ashley Woodall - - - 

Hello, I am the Woods County 911 Coordinator. I have worked for Woods County Dispatch for ten-plus years. Woods County dispatches for two counties and provides GIS mapping services for four counties across northwest Oklahoma. I have been an APCO and NENA member since 2017. I am proud to serve on the Oklahoma 911 Management Authority.  In my personal time, I serve on the Waynoka City Council. I enjoy spending my spare time traveling, reading, and hanging out with family and friends. I have been your Northwest Oklahoma representative for the past three years and would love the opportunity to continue in this position.

- - - Ken Stewart - - - 

My name is Ken Stewart, I am honored and excited to accept the nomination for OklaNENA NE Region Vice-President.  I just began my 26th year in public safety in July completing my third year as the 911 Communications Director at the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office which operates the Tulsa Regional ECC.  I began my career as a firefighter with the City of Ashland, Ohio. I also served as an FF/AEMT for the Huron River Joint Fire District before entering private EMS where I served as a Dispatcher/AEMT for North Central EMS for 21 years and was also a Dispatcher for Mercy Lifestar of Toledo for 5 years; both were primary and secondary PSAPs and included medical helicopter dispatching.   Prior to choosing a career in public safety I was an Assistant Athletic Trainer for Ashland University, Ashland, Ohio. I hold a BS in Comprehensive Biology and Sports Medicine along with a MEd in Sports Science; and have trained multiple NCAA All-Americans, Professional Baseball and Football athletes, and even trained Olympic athletes.
Since 2020, I have increased my involvement with OklaNENA.  NENA has provided the tools, networking, and opportunities to grow throughout public safety communications career.  I hold APCO and NENA close to my heart as the education and networking opportunity that the organizations provide has accelerated my career and has fueled my passion for the industry. I look forward to representing OklaNENA community and continuing to press NG911 technology forward along with continuing to provide leadership and mentoring the upcoming professionals in the industry.  I will be presenting this year at the Oklahoma Public Safety Conference 2023 and speaking at RapidSOS Ready23.

As the OklaNENA NE Region Vice-President, I pledge to continue to grow the presence in Oklahoma and assist in pushing NG911 technology forward.  I will continue to be an activist for change and the recognition that Public Safety Telecommunicators deserve advocating for the passage of the 911 Saves Act.  Further I will continue advocacy for the passage of the Protect 911 Act providing much needed assistance to 911 professionals.  Progress is being made; however, it takes everyone to empower a movement.   I look forward to representing Oklahoma NENA and the NE Region of Oklahoma, with your VOTE of confidence and engagement, we can Make A Difference.

Northeast Region Candidates: 

- - - Micah Green - - - 

My name is Micah Green and I share a beautiful family with my wife, Xuan, and four wonderful kids: Tatum, Jaxon, Noah, and Quyen. Our family extends to include our two lovable dogs at home named Bear and Moose. We spend a lot of time outdoors and enjoy making memories together that include some of our favorite activities: hiking, camping, and swimming.

I am also proud to say that I have been a part of Edmond’s 1st Responder’s team for the last 17 years as a Public Safety Communicator. In addition to my time at Edmond, I have spent 15 of my 17 years as a Communications Training Officer (CTO), taking pride in training new hires for our department. Recently, I have accepted a new promotion and I am thrilled to be one of Edmond’s supervisors for our 911 center. Guiding others to do what I love doing is my passion. Not only do I find excitement in helping others grow in our profession but also I am highly motivated to continue learning and improving my own skills and performance to better serve and save lives of others in my field daily. I am honored to have been nominated for the position of Central Region Vice-President on the Oklahoma NENA board and I am excited for the opportunity to serve.

Thank you for your consideration of me as your Central Region Vice-President. 

Micah Green 

​2023 OklaNENA Candidates

- - - - Danny Manuel - - - 

Lifelong resident of Ada, OK Daniel “Danny” Manuel has experienced several lifetimes of fun, adventure, work, and education in only 49 years.  Danny is currently the pastor of the Oakman Community Church, Janel’s husband of 30 years, 20 year old Grace’s dad, 16 year old Blaise’s dad, manager at Pontotoc County Central Dispatch, and a crazy fitness guy.  Danny served his community as a professional firefighter for 21 years and retired as a captain the same day he took over responsibilities at Central Dispatch.  While a firefighter, he ran a successful lawn mowing business, obtained a degree in physical education with a minor in communications, obtained a graduate degree in Education Administration, ran multiple marathons, taught Sunday School, served as a deacon, and competed on American Ninja Warrior twice.  After receiving his formal education, Danny began to apply what he had learned with real life experience and became a professional presenter.  He has developed his own content and presented from Sacramento, CA to Orlando, FL and many places in between.  Following in the footsteps of his uncle, father, grandfather, and grandmother, he raced stock cars at the local dirt track winning multiple track championships.  Danny graduated from Byng High School in 1992 where he competed in Auto Mechanics and FFA contest.  He loved running, fishing, hunting, playing baseball, and basically anything that kept him active as a kid. As an adult, helping others, individual responsibility that enhances the team, and training are very important to Danny.  God may have different plans, but Danny’s plans include running his final marathon at the age of 100.  His goal is to cross the finish line, sit down, wave at everyone, and die right there. 

Secretary/Treasurer Candidates:

Southwest Region Candidates: 

Central Region Candidates:

- - - Jessica Carter - - -

My name is Jessica Carter, and I am humbled and very excited to accept the nomination for Southwest Region Vice-President. My career in Emergency Public Safety began in 2008 when I was still in college, and I accepted a job with the City of Lawton as a part-time Emergency Telecommunicator. Fifteen years later, I am still happily employed by the City of Lawton as the Director of the Emergency Communications Department.

I am and always have been very passionate about emergency public safety and serving my community and others throughout Oklahoma. I’m thrilled and proud to see the progression and growth as 911 Centers across the state set and meet goals to improve performance and standards. Yet there is still much to accomplish, not only as individual centers, but also Statewide. I feel that I would make an excellent candidate for this position, and I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge and furthering my skillset as the next Southwest Region Vice-President. Thank you all for your consideration. 

- - - Ben Smith - - - 

​​I started as a front-line dispatcher in 2008 with Woodward County E-911. I worked as a 
dispatcher until 2014 when I was promoted to Assistant E-911 Director. I obtained my
bachelor’s degree in psychology in May of 2015. Under my leadership, the department
has grown their training program and certified their training program to APCO’s Agency
Training Program Certification, twice (2019, 2023), at the time was the only agency in
the State of Oklahoma certified through APCO. In February 2015, I started handling all
911 addressing for Woodward County and oversee the 911 addressing of Ellis County.

In 2016, I assisted with the consolidation of the Woodward County Sheriff’s Office. In
2019, I was promoted to Director for Woodward County E-911. I received my ENP
certification in January 2019 and in January 2020 received my RPL certification. I have
served on the OKAPCO Board for 6 years starting as the Northwest Rep and then as
President. I have a passion for training and bringing it back to you all.

- - - Justin Carnagey - - -

My name is Justin Carnagey and I started my career in public safety as a dispatcher/jailer for the Texas County Oklahoma Sheriff’s Office in 1989.  In 1991, I took the positon of police officer in Goodwell Oklahoma, where I later became Police Chief at Goodwell PD from 1997 through 2006.  I then went to work for the Oklahoma Economic Development Authority, a Council of Government from 2006 through 2019, and served as the Executive Director of the agency for four years.  I continued to serve as a reserve police officer with the Goodwell Police Department and a Certified CLEET Instructor through 2017.  I volunteered 21 years as an EMT on the Goodwell Volunteer Ambulance Service, and served as the Goodwell Emergency Manager for the Town of Goodwell for 24 years, where I still hold a part-time position.

In May of 2012, OEDA had me take the roll of 911 Coordinator over the two 911 PSAPs in Texas County, as well as provide the GIS 911 mapping services for the county.  Texas County also wanted to make a move to a consolidated 911 center, so I facilitated the structuring of a new trust authority and in 2019, I was named Director of the new agency, the Texas County 911 Trust Authority.  As Director of the TC911TA, I have overseen the operation of the new Consolidated 911 Center that opened July 1, 2020.  The consolidated center dispatches for 9 Law Enforcement Agencies, 11 Fire Departments, and 3 Ambulance Services.  I also provide the GIS and addressing for Texas County 911.

I have been a member of NENA since 2012 and served as the Northwest OKLANENA Regional Vice President for six years.  I also proudly serve as a board member of the Oklahoma 911 Management Authority.  Having worked in the public safety sector for over 34 years I still have a passion for all emergency services, but believe it is time we focus on the 1st – First Responders, 911 telecommuicators.

While serving as the Northwest Region Vice President, I have enjoyed working with the Northwest counties in the region helping to deploy 911 in three of the counties that did not have 911 service.  I am pleased with the progress the three counties have made.  Harper County went live with their 911 this year and I am working with Cimarron County, the last remaining county without 911 service in Oklahoma.  With the passage of HB1590, it is my hope that we can bring 911 service to Cimarron County in the near future.

This is an exciting time to be a part of 911 in Oklahoma with all of the work being done to move towards NG911.  My hope is that the NENA and APCO Chapters continue to grow in Oklahoma as there is plenty of work available for everyone to get involved.  Thanks for your consideration of my serving as the OKLANENA 2nd Vice-President.

- - -  Brooke Harris - - -

Hello, my name is Brooke Harris and I am your current OklaNENA Secretary/Treasurer.

I started my public safety career more than 30 years ago as a member of the Edmond Police Department dispatch team and since have spent several years dispatching in Aurora, Colorado, Rio Rancho, New Mexico and returning home to Oklahoma where I am now Civilian Administrator for City of Owasso Police Department.  I began my career with Owasso 12 years ago as front-line dispatcher and promoted to Shift Lead Supervisor and now to Civilian Administrator over the dispatch and records divisions.   I have worked very hard at these miles stones and was able to accomplish promoting to shift lead in a year and a half.  In the 7 years as a shift lead much of my focus was on hiring, training, mentoring, counseling and supervising public safety telecommunicators.  As of July 2020, I was promoted to Civilian Administrator, and I look forward to the many more milestones ahead.  I have been a member of NENA for 6 years now and have also enjoyed my time serving as your Secretary/Treasurer.  I would welcome the opportunity to continue in this capacity with your vote. 

- - - Tiffany Bradley - - -

Communications Supervisor Tiffany Bradley started with Sheriff’s Office in 2012 as a dispatcher bringing with her experience from working as a dispatcher at Hominy Police Department, Collinsville Police Department, and Skiatook Police Department. Mrs. Bradley was promoted to Communications Supervisor in 2015 bringing along her extensive professional education and experience to manage an ever-changing environment.

Mrs. Bradley was instrumental in bringing Emergency Medical Dispatch technology and certification to dispatch staff. In addition, becoming a member of both the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) and the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO). Including obtaining a rigorous certification in Emergency Center Manager and Instructor Certifications for Emergency Medical/Police/Fire.

Mrs. Bradley’s Law Enforcement education expands into many areas not limited to being Certified in Crisis Negotiations and is also Certified as a Reserve Deputy with certification in 2017 by the Council of Law Enforcement Education and Training. Dispatch Communications is a fast-paced environment, that requires staff to be trained on numerous systems, critical incident handling that runs the spectrum from a medical emergency, and mental health calls, to more technical knowledge of redundant systems for 911 services even in the event of catastrophic events. 

Mrs. Bradley was been instrumental in the integration of new technologies, training, and education in the area of 911 services to Osage County. Facilitating 911 services to both first responders and citizens, and staying actively involved in the challenges that face both first responders being able to respond to calls for service throughout Osage County. Managing and upgrading 911 dependencies and communication with Osage County first responders. Recently Mrs. Bradley completed integrating a third backup system of remote 911 services for Osage County in the event all other redundant systems and procedures failed.

Mrs. Bradley is always on call for many issues that may come up but aside from all the responsibility; she and her husband Sergeant David Bradley of the Osage County Sheriff’s Office has a family of two sons and one daughter and two grandbabies. Tiffany still lives in the area she grew up in and was a graduate of Hominy High school. When not at work, she will be spoiling her three weenie dogs, Bella, Beau, and Winnie, and when they are not being spoiled, she will be spoiling the two grandbabies.

- - - Haley Wright - - - 

My name is Haley Wright, and I am absolutely thrilled to have been nominated for the position of Central Region Vice-President. 

I am a communications professional with the Shawnee 9-1-1 Center, where I have been blessed to be able to grow and develop my skills.  

I have been a part of the team in Shawnee for nine years, I currently hold a supervisor position and actively train new front-line dispatchers while also handling day to day operations in the communications center. With new emerging technology and best practices that are ever changing, 

I am eager to continue learning how to best serve my community. 

Outside of the communications center, I have the support of my husband of 13 years and our three amazing daughters. We enjoy spending time at the park, playing board games and ice cream dates at Braum’s. My family and the support that they have given me has allowed me to flourish in the communications center, with the confidence to develop my skills and build professional working relationships with other communications professionals across the state.

I am passionate about training new telecommunications team members and helping them to develop their skills both in the dispatch room and in the professional world. 

As a Supervisor with Shawnee 9-1-1 Center, I have a direct hand in the future of the communications center by assisting with policy implementation, building training plans, ensuring continuing dispatch education is relevant and providing a role model for new communications professionals to look up to. 

My attention to duty and passion for the 9-1-1 profession speak for themselves, as I have received atta-boys, letters of commendations and recognition for my work from my peers and administration. 

As I strive to learn and grown more in this amazing profession, I would be honored to have the opportunity to further my involvement at the state level and hopefully, eventually the national level. 

I am passionate about the strides that our profession has taken to getting the recognition that we deserve, and I desire to further bring awareness to the growing demands for mental health support in the communications center. 

My goal in the coming year is to continue to learn, grow and develop as a professional, because when you know better, you do better!  

Thank you very much for your consideration, I hope to get the chance to make you all proud to have me as your Central Regional Vice-President.

 - - - Jorian Jewell - - -

​I started dispatching in 2014 with Norman PD and this year I picked up part time shifts with Shawnee PD. I was one of the last hires as a dispatcher for my agency before we began breaking things into tiers. I transitioned to Comm2 and in 2018 moved into leadership as a Comm3.  Since becoming a dispatcher, I have become a big proponent of mental health in our profession and pushing for the resources other responders use to be available dispatcher while also bringing attention to the traumas we face. I joined APCO first as a member, then as a regional rep, and recently took up the mantel of Treasurer. I currently also regional rep for NENA and am the secretary for Norman PFLAG.